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Dermapen Benelux / Odara has been the exclusive distributor of the official Dermapen products for the Benelux since May 2017. In close cooperation with the Australian manufacturer, we provide you with the most innovative products and services. Today, the Dermapen is still the most used Micro Needling system worldwide and with over 2.3 million clinically performed treatments, it is obvious that so many patients and practitioners rely on the one and only trusted Dermapen treatments with amazing medical and cosmetic results.

Discover the Dermapen™ Micro-Needling treatments and products

The Dermapen Micro Needling pens are the only real and original Dermapen pens. You can contact us for everything that has to do with the Dermapen products. Dermapen Benelux offers professional and accredited training and professional support to let you work with the Dermapen products the best way possible.


Our DP Dermaceuticals make the difference!

The development of the DP Dermaceuticals™ products reflects our commitment to improve the skin. The DP Dermaceutical products have been developed over several decades in collaboration with leading dermatologists, doctors and physicians from around the world. This way, our experts and developers have been able to create real affinity with the skin.

The patented HylaFuse Complex improves the production of the biologically active molecule. This unprecedented form of Hyaluronic Acid activates a process in which the skin will remain optimally hydrated.


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