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Today, the Dermapen is still the most used Micro Needling system worldwide and with over 2.3 million clinically performed treatments, it is no wonder that so many patients and practitioners rely on the one and only trusted Dermapen treatments with amazing medical and cosmetic results.

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For permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation, spider naevi, rosacea and acne.

The N1B IVPL Pro (intense variable pulsed light) has been developed in close collaboration with specialists and many professional endusers with years of experience in performing IPL and VPL treatments. The result is a high-quality system developed and produced in the Netherlands that takes into account all the wishes of the professional enduser and where results and safety of the treatments are paramount.

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N1B® SkinActiv

Anti-aging, local fat reduction and stretch marks

The SkinActiv uses Electroporation and Electroosmosis as basic techniques. This alternative and needle-free mesotherapeutic method opens the aquaporins in the middle layer of skin (the mesoderm). With the SkinActiv you can easily treat many skin problems. Due to the application of the electrophoresis technique, the SkinActiv is a very innovative and effective tool in the beauty industry.

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