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Odara is a dedicated manufacturer and supplier of medical and cosmetic innovative technologies and products for the international market in the medical and aesthetic field.


Odara offers the convenience to her customers of finding all solutions for medical aesthetic issues from one single supplier.


Our productline N1B and the Dermapen products are mainly aimed at dermatologists, plastic surgeons, cosmetic doctors, skin therapists and the specialized beauticians. Our productlines offer solutions for hair removal, pigment lesions, skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, skinlifting, wrinkles and much more.

Total support

Odara offers its customers certified and accredited training courses in the Netherlands, extensive marketing support, business advice and support in your business operations. Thanks to this extensive productrange, Odara offers its customers the convenience of finding the solutions for all aesthetic treatment methods from one partner/ supplier.

Experience and Expertise

By working together with highly experienced specialists, physicians, researchers and producers who are specialized in developing equipment for innovative diagnostics and aesthetics and medical treatments, we can offer you the quality you would expect from a professional supplier.

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